Radcliffe & Co celebrating 60 years!

March 13th, 2019

Finding its roots all the way back to 1959 when an idea of Wyn Radcliffe became a reality, he set up an insurance brokerage in New Road. Radcliffe & Co have now been in Southampton for 60 years.

As with all successful businesses there have been many changes along the way.  Following a fairly small scale start in life for the company, Wyn saw an opportunity in two young insurance brokers namely John Goodacre and Ivan Tyrrell.  The three of them having had many years experience and a vast amount of knowledge set about creating one of the largest brokerages in the area; their specialist areas being pensions and life assurance and the corporate insurance market for local,  national and international firms.

The business grew rapidly, with many local client firms preferring the individual attention that many national brokers did not offer.  Many other local Insurance Professionals also wanted to work with  Radcliffes, as its reputation became well known in the industry and they could see successful futures within the organisation.

By the mid 80’s legislation was starting to be introduced for customer protection.  The parent company Radcliffe & Co set up three separately accountable entities:- Radcliffe Insurance Ltd, Radcliffe Marine Ltd and Radcliffe & Co Life & Pension Ltd.   Through acquisitions and mergers each grew significantly and became well reputed in their specialist areas. Each company was able to  concentrate entirely in its own profession.

Ted Goodwin headed up the Life & Pensions company, Darren Fulford joined Ted at the very early stages and Neil Igglesden not long after; both their combined service with the firm is now in excess of 57 years.  This is the arm of the original firm that remains today and is stronger than ever.  Retirements and opportunities have sadly seen the other Radcliffe companies acquired and integrated into much larger organisations.

We remain – and we are as fiercely Independent as we were all those years ago.  We strive to attain the very best in independent, individual, professional and personal advice for all of our clients.

We will of course be celebrating our 60th anniversary as a huge milestone has been reached.