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🧐 Financial Focus – Summer 2024 β˜€

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How well can you retire? πŸ’·

πŸ“’ With the general election unexpectedly called for early summer, among the many issues vying for voters’ attention were taxation and pensions.

πŸ” Both major parties committed to the pension triple lock, although as our feature for this edition shows, at its current level the State pension is hardly enough to fund a minimum retirement level if two people in a couple living outside London qualify for the maximum state pension; we explore what those living standards really mean.

βœ‚ If you have gaps in your NICs record that may leave you below the full entitlement at retirement; use the new Check Your State Pension tool to find out if you can top up your fund. Even following recent NIC cuts, the cumulative effect of year-on-year allowances and tax threshold freezes could right now be adding to your tax bill. Those not already under the self-assessment regime may not realise that they owe more money. Check your income, as it is your responsibility to report, and pay, your tax to HMRC.

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