Our Story

Over 60 years...

Radcliffe & Co dates back to 1959 when its founder, Wyn Radcliffe, had an idea to establish an insurance brokerage in New Road, Southampton. Radcliffe & Co have now been in Southampton for over 60 years.

The company has always had strong roots in Southampton being initially based in New Road, then Carlton Crescent and then on to Northam Road where the office was in extremely close proximity to the River Itchen. Our Finance Director, Darren Fulford recalls how “we had to save the files on a number of occasions due to flooding, it would be all hands on deck, trousers rolled up!”

Radcliffe & Co then spent many years in Bernard Street near the city centre. The building was named ‘Thomas House’ after our beloved ex-Chairman, Jack Thomas, who sadly passed away far earlier than expected. “Jack was a true gentleman and devout stickler for professionalism and accuracy and contributed to making Radcliffe & Co the company it is today”, says managing director, Neil Igglesden. Radcliffe & Co is now based in new offices in Ocean Village, Southampton as well as having offices in Winchester and Tidworth.

As with all successful businesses there have been many changes along the way.  Following a fairly small-scale start Wyn saw opportunity in two young insurance brokers, namely John Goodacre and Ivan Tyrrell.  The three of them, having had many years’ experience and with excellent industry knowledge, set about creating one of the largest brokerages in the area, their specialist areas being pensions and life assurance and the corporate insurance market for local,  national and international firms.

The business grew rapidly with many local client firms preferring the individual attention provided by Radcliffe & Co, something not offered by the national brokers. Many other local insurance professionals were interested in joining Radcliffe & Co, it having become extremely reputable within the industry and there being the potential for successful futures within the organisation.

By the mid-1980s legislation was starting to be introduced for customer protection. The parent company, Radcliffe & Co, set up three separately accountable entities; Radcliffe Insurance Ltd, Radcliffe Marine Ltd and Radcliffe & Co Life & Pensions Ltd.  Through acquisitions and mergers each grew significantly and became well reputed in their specialist areas. Each company was able to concentrate entirely in its own profession.

Ted Goodwin headed up the Life & Pensions Company; Darren Fulford joined Ted in the very early stages and Neil Igglesden joined shortly after, their combined service with the firm is now in excess of 63 years.  This is the arm of the original firm that remains today and is stronger than ever.  Retirements and opportunities have sadly seen the other Radcliffe & Co companies acquired and integrated into much larger organisations.

We are as fiercely Independent as we were all those years ago.  We strive to attain the very best in independent, individual, professional and personal advice for all of our clients.