Mixed investment tops adviser sales in December

January 31st, 2018

The mixed investment 20-60% shares sector topped adviser sales in December, with the 40-85% shares sector following closely behind, according to data from the Fidelity FundsNetwork platform.

Strategic bonds came in third in the top 10 sales chart by Investment Association sector, in the final month of 2017.

December also saw a rise in popularity of more defensive assets, with the short term money market and corporate bond sectors seeing strong flows in the month.

A similar trend was apparent for the overall bestselling funds and the ISA bestsellers for December, with a number of mixed asset and fixed income funds appearing in each of the top ten.

In the FundsNetwork Pension, advisers and clients appeared to adopt an even more cautious approach seen by the number of cash funds featuring on the bestsellers lists for the month. This included the BlackRock Cash and Royal London Cash Plus funds, which took the two top spots in the pension sales chart respectively.

FundsNetwork head of sales Paul Richards said: “As 2017 came to a close it’s clear from our latest sales data that advisory firms and their clients were focussed on two key themes – asset class diversification through multi-asset funds and allocating towards more defensive assets.”

“Given the extended nature of the current bull market, we would expect advisers and their clients to continue to gravitate towards assets that offer diversification benefits or those that have more defensive properties over the course of 2018.”


Source: Professional Adviser