Investment management

Radcliffe & Co Investment Philosophy

  • A modern, personal approach
  • Full assessment of clients’ capacity for loss and attitude to risk
  • Access to professional investment managers
  • A fully bespoke and personalised service
  • On-line access
  • Regular reviews and quarterly valuations
  • The highest standards of integrity and ethical behaviour
  • Radcliffe & Co is responsible for assets under management, in excess of £1.5 billion on behalf of our clients

The Radcliffe & Co. Investment Committee

Radcliffe & Co set up the Investment Committee in 2006 for a number of reasons, but primarily to be able to review and monitor the performance of the different Discretionary Fund Managers (DFM) that we work with. The function and depth of work carried out by the committee has developed over the years and is now an integral function of the business which helps to ensure we can deliver positive outcomes for all of our clients.

We recognised the opportunity of outsourcing investment decisions for certain clients who could benefit from the expertise, experience and research capability of large firms who specialise in investing money. The investment committee provides a mechanism for us to examine portfolio performance, debate fund managers’ strategies and hold them to account on behalf of our clients.

It is a forum to discuss key market events, debate and evolve the firm’s investment philosophy and to evidence a ‘culture of challenge’ that the regulator expects of advice firms. The Investment Committee is a team effort with each individual member of the committee having a key role to play.

The Investment Committee regularly meet once a month as well as thorough quarterly due diligence feedback with each of the DFMs we work with as well two formal meetings twice per annum –  we also meet firms on an ad-hoc basis as and when necessary.

We also employ the services of a third party company, Asset Risk Consultants (ARC) who provide detailed, independent data on each of our panel DFMs to ensure our own research is reliable. We are extremely proactive with the work we do and pride ourselves on attention to detail when it comes to monitoring our clients investments.