Fundraising for The Rose Road Association – Team Triathlon

March 13th, 2019

Back on 6th February 2019, 9 staff from Radcliffe & Co took part in a team triathlon event, raising money for The Rose Road Association. The event was held at David Lloyd in Southampton, and the events included a 400 metre swim (16 lengths), a 20k cycle on a spin bike and a 5k run on a treadmill. The events were timed with prizes given to the fastest teams and individuals. Those that took part were Alex Blake, Darren Fulford, John Middlemast, James Fulford, David Fulford, Katie Tulk, Nigel Young, Matthew Arnold and Cameron Sherred.

Radcliffe & Co teams didn’t quite get the fastest times, but were able to raise the most money with a fantastic effort of £1,667! The event as a whole managed to raise an impressive £5,000. All money raised from the triathlon will go towards supporting profoundly disabled children, young adults and their families from across Southampton and Hampshire.

It was an enjoyable afternoon (kind of!) which saw 20 teams/companies in total competing and raising money. There will be other events in the future which Radcliffe & Co will be a part of, raising money for this worthy cause. Watch this space!