Brooks Macdonald

Brooks Macdonald

Brooks Macdonald Asset Management (BMAM) is a specialist investment manager providing discretionary management services for private clients, trusts, charities and pensions funds

They offer a service which combines a contemporary, sophisticated investment management system with the more traditional approach of nurturing direct relationships with fund managers and their teams.

As a performance-led business, BMAM’s active investment management strategy has been successful in helping our customers grow their wealth. They aim for steady growth through an organic process, training a large proportion of fund managers in-house. Their fund managers are also responsible for their own sector research, which means every asset they consider is continually monitored and reviewed to assess its appropriate application for each portfolio.

Over recent years, BMAM has built up strong working relationships with a number of independent financial advisers, developing successful strategic alliances – such as the partnership with Radcliffe & Co (Life & Pensions) Ltd – which draw on the strengths of their investment management expertise and our own key area of knowledge – financial advice.  Since inception, over 85% of funds under management have been introduced by Professional Advisers.

BMAM was formed in 1991 and is the investment subsidiary of Brooks Macdonald Group plc, the specialist wealth management group that has been listed on AIM since 2005.

BMAM is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority to provide investment advice and management condut in the UK.