Pension Scammers ordered to repay £13.7M they took from victims

February 9th, 2018

The Pensions Regulator (TPR) has secured a High Court restitution order requiring the repayment of £13.7m to pension scheme members involved in a pension scam.

A press release from TPR has announced that four people who ran a series of scam pension schemes have been ordered to pay back £13.7 million they took from their victims.

David Austin, Susan Dalton, Alan Barratt and Julian Hanson squandered the money after 245 members of the public were persuaded via cold-calling and similar techniques to transfer their pension savings into one of 11 scam schemes operated by Friendly Pensions Limited (FPL).

Victims were told that if they transferred their pension pots to the schemes they would receive a tax-free payment commonly described as a “commission rebate” from investments made by the pension scheme – a form of pension scam.

The restitution order came about following TPR’s request to the High Court to order the defendants to repay the funds they dishonestly misused or misappropriated from the pension schemes – the first time such an order has been obtained. The High Court ruled the scammers should repay millions of pounds they took from the schemes over a two-year period.

Dalriada, the independent trustee appointed by TPR to take over the running of the schemes, will now be able to seek the confiscation of the scammers’ assets for the benefit of their victims.


Source: Technical Connection